Bigg Boss Bistro little india Singapore

Bigg Boss Bistro Little India Singapore

Welcome to Bigg Boss Bistro. Located at 102 Dunlop St, Singapore 209438, right in Little India. We’re the go-to place for food lovers, offering a mix of Indian and Singaporean flavors. In Little India’s heart, Bigg Boss Bistro restaurant blends tradition and modern tastes for a memorable dining experience.

Explore the menu filled with tasty treats. Enjoy our special biryanis, savor tandoori delights, and relish rich curries. From the famous Chicken Tikka to tempting Butter Chicken, each dish tells an authentic story. Rest assured, the menu info is from official sources, ensuring your Bigg Boss Bistro experience is genuinely delicious.

Bigg Boss Bistro little india Singapore

Frequently Asked Question(FAQs)

    Bigg Boss Bistro offers a delightful mix of Indian and Singaporean cuisine, blending traditional flavors with a modern twist.

    You can find Bigg Boss Bistro at 102 Dunlop St, Singapore 209438, right in the heart of Little India.

   Don’t miss out on signature dishes like Chicken Tikka, Butter Chicken, and the rich and savory Mutton Curry for an authentic and delicious dining experience.

Final words

Bigg Boss Bistro, at 102 Dunlop St, Singapore 209438, is a top spot in Little India. They mix Indian and Singaporean flavors for food lovers. the restaurant, in the heart of Little India, blends tradition with modern tastes.

In short, Bigg Boss Bistro is a culinary gem in Little India, offering a mix of traditional and modern flavors. Explore the Bigg Boss Bistro menu for authentic delights, and don’t miss the must-try Mutton Curry a rich and savory favorite. Join Bigg Boss Bistro for a celebration of tradition and taste.

Bigg Boss Bistro Location and Opening Hour

Location: 102 Dunlop St, Singapore 209438

Bigg Boss Bistro Review

Bigg Boss Bistro
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Mohammed Afzal SheriffMohammed Afzal Sheriff
12:45 24 Apr 23
Their tea which is infused with elaichi is must try for the ones who miss Indian style tea. Their breakfast varieties also quite good. By the evening they sell Indian snack varieties and do try them.
Gopi “Beardo”Gopi “Beardo”
09:57 11 Apr 23
Firstly I guess lot of people tagging Bigg Boss Bistro as restaurant wrongly. It is a bistro bar! Not a restaurant.Well went there twice but I don't know we didn't like the atmosphere personally despite having a canal view! No other taste good except the Pizza! Staffs are friendly! But I personally kinda feel that their drinks are not authentic and they mix it before they serve us! I had 5 large Glenfiddich whiskey but damn I never felt drunk!! Funny!!!
Founder MediaFounder Media
15:36 12 Feb 23
This is a new food place opened recently serving Indian food. We tried their Vegetarian meals and Mutton Biryani. Vegetarian curries are average, onion pakoda is superb crispy, it was good. Biryani rice was good, it’s not Biryani, we call it as Bagara Rice with Mutton Curry, tasted good. Prices are a bit less than the Restaurants around this place. Do try and encourage the new place.
WenD TanWenD Tan
13:02 24 Oct 22
Got ginger milk tea (supposedly very good.. but.. very little ginger taste) and the dough was very nice and light and crispy on the outside. They ask if I want sauce. Coconut and a little spicy. Total 2 donuts and 1 ginger milk tea $3.60. Go only for the donut
Thomas CheahThomas Cheah
02:02 11 Aug 22
Inexpensive rustic Indian eating place, simple and modest. Prata slightly crispy and chewy, fish curry with a bit of heat. Sweet cake is dense and hard, fun to eat. Coffee sweet and thick. Dine and pay later. Cash terms.

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