Tan Xiang Yuan Little India Singapore

Tan Xiang Yuan Little Inida Singapore

Welcome to Tan Xiang Yuan restaurant; you’ll find delicious Chinese food waiting for you. We have a variety of tasty dishes that you’ll love to try. From savory dumplings to flavorful noodles, there’s something for everyone on the Tan Xiang Yuan menu. Whether you’re a fan of sweet and sour chicken or prefer vegetarian options like stir-fried vegetables, we’ve got it all at Tan Xiang Yuan.

To enjoy fantastic food, you can visit Tan Xiang Yuan restaurant outlets at 1 Dickson Rd, Singapore 209493 locations. Just look for the Tan Xiang Yuan sign and come on in for a delightful dining experience. Bring your friends and family along to share in the deliciousness. Tan Xiang Yuan is here to satisfy your craving for authentic Chinese cuisine. Come and taste the flavors of Tan Xiang Yuan today.

Tan Xiang Yuan Menu & Price

DishesPrice in SGD
TXY Signature Seafood Hotpot$98(S),  $188(L)
TXY Hand Drizzled Roast Chicken$26 (S), $48(L)
TXY Signature Beef Cubes $26(S),  $39(M),  $52(L)
TXY Signature Sauce Prawn Balls$28(S),  $42(M),  $56(L)
TXY Signature Fried Rice$22(S) , $33(M),  $44(L)
TXY Signature Yin Yang Seafood Hor Fun$22(S),  $33(M),  $44(L)
Tan Xiang Yuan Little India Singapore

Frequently Asked Question(FAQs)

No, Tan Xiang Yuan is not a halal restaurant.

They are open every day from 11:30 am to 3:00pm, and re-open 5:30 pm to 10:00 pm.

There is only one Tan Xiang Yuan outlet, and it’s at 1 Dickson Road, Singapore (near Little India).

  • TXY Signature Seafood Hotpot
  • MSW Durian Chilli Crab Ball
  • steamed fish
  • noodles
  • stir-fries

Final Words

At Tan Xiang Yuan, you’ll find the yummiest Chinese dishes waiting for you to enjoy. From delicious dumplings to flavorful noodles, Tan Xiang Yuan’s menu has something for everyone. Just visit Tan Xiang Yuan restaurant, and you’ll be greeted with the delightful aroma of freshly cooked food. Bring your friends and family for a tasty meal at Tan Xiang Yuan. Take advantage of the chance to experience the deliciousness of Tan Xiang Yuan. 

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Tan Xiang Yuan Location and Opening Hour

Tan Xiang Yuan Review

Tan Xiang Yuan
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Von LimVon Lim
06:57 19 May 24
Went to celebrate family birthday dinner but disappointed with food quality despite all the raves. Seated outdoor but wondered why they only switched on the lights halfway dining when it was dim after rain.Food wise seriously mediocre. Signature Mao Shan durian chili crab- only could taste overpowering durian but no hint of spiciness or crab taste. Dong Por pork ribs - meat was tough as cooked w frozen ribs. My sis thought she was eating canned pork. Peking duck wrapped with crackers- fusion style? We had Ee Fu mian with the duck meat but just like any normal stir fry mee. Signature handmade artisana tofu with golden superior crab meat- tasteless tofu, saw bits of crab meat but no crab taste, gravy overly starchy. Only the salad prawn ball is acceptable.Will not go back again. The food quality don’t match w its price and online rave
Steven CSteven C
06:36 12 May 24
Lawrence HengLawrence Heng
15:30 03 May 24
Food was alright but they are way too expensive for zi char style food. Chefs in the kitchen must be wondering why Sporeans so rich to pay this kind of $$ for this kind of food.
Lim Hwei HoLim Hwei Ho
12:26 03 May 24
Came in family of 3. Food and services were great, felt like Chinese Cusine Fine Dining at Little India Heritage. The ambience was good and the new appetizer on the menu was worth a try. Personally I like the texture. Thank you for the good recommendation. Will be back again to try other dishes.
Paul GanPaul Gan
11:07 30 Apr 24
Great food & great service.Will definitely come back again to celebrate my birthday.
Tran Thi Thuy ThuyTran Thi Thuy Thuy
14:08 02 Mar 24
The place so expensive not worth it
steve simsteve sim
14:09 20 Feb 24
Lousy service. Food haven finish chase us go. Not worth the price. 3 table spend $4500
KC GohKC Goh
04:35 12 Feb 24
Tea was horrible.
Andrew ChweeAndrew Chwee
08:36 10 Feb 24
Tan Xiang Yuan offers an above-average culinary experience with a price tag that reflects its food quality. The highlight of our meal was undoubtedly the steamboat, which came highly recommended. Adding crab to the steamboat, especially with the promotional offer, created a delightful and flavourful dish that left a lasting impression. Another standout option was the Peking duck, which garnered praise from my fellow diners. However, our experience took a slight downturn with the salted duck meat, the second dish served. It lacked the depth of flavour we were anticipating, leaving us somewhat disappointed. Additionally, the vegetable dish we ordered was overly salty, detracting from an otherwise enjoyable meal. Despite the culinary highs and lows, the ambience of the restaurant left much to be desired. The building appeared to require maintenance, as evidenced by the presence of black mould, which can pose health hazards.
Yoyo LYoyo L
09:27 09 Feb 24
The boneless fish is fresh, the soup is full of favour! Recommend for family gathering!
K OngK Ong
15:23 20 Jan 24
Food was not bad, particularly seafood broth tasty.However service needs to be improved. We were seated indoor on level 1 and were served mainly by an aunty.1) Our grandma rely on wheelchair to move around and wanted to use the toilet. We were told that she has to go out and enter through the door in the alley to the toilet. Actually the toilet can be accessed via another door that is simply behind us (ie no need to go out). Aunty told us it is company policy that this door is locked. After explaining it would be challenging for grandma to go out (plus it was raining), the aunty reluctantly said one of us can go out and unlock the door in order for my grandma to go via this “shortcut”. The issue is why make it so inconvenient for the elderly and why couldn’t the staff open the door for us instead of making us do the job?2) We ordered 7 bowls of white rice and 6 were served. Another waiter then asked if we still need that last bowl. But before we could answer, she told him to tell us that it is already added to the bill and cannot be undone. The thing is, she could have told us directly instead of “passing” the message. Furthermore her tone regarding the bill part just sounds unpleasant.3) Around 7pm, when some of us have finished eating, she asked if plates can be cleared. We felt like it was a signal to remind us to leave by 730pm (2 hours dining). Why the hurry since there still time ?Overall , the dining experience is unpleasant.
Cindy ChoongCindy Choong
03:17 25 Nov 23
During reservation, there was not an option for outdoor or indoor seating. So take note if you have a preference.The seafood hot pot was good. But not everyone will like this kind of soup as it's more like a stronger broth taste.The rest of the dishes tasted very ordinary. No nice or WOW factor. Since we are paying restaurant price, it was not worth it at all.We were seated indoor upstairs that has aircon. It was full house. The noise was very unbearable to enjoy a dinner.Parking wise you better pray you have parking angel... there's roadside parking which can be forever filled or there's a public car park 2 min walk away which may have a bit more chance.Not coming back ever again.
Frankie LimFrankie Lim
10:07 03 Nov 23
Went there for their hotpot promo with $1 per crab. Note only limited to 2 300-400g crab... though the crabs are fresh but would be better they offer bigger size for chilli or pepper crab. Willing to pay more.Hotpot ingredient variety, the amount given is abit less. Can b better.Service can be improved. Dish is up but the tea not served. Seems a but short handed.Roasted chicken is crispy. The veg is a bit less in amount too compared to my last trip. Hope the boss can do something
Raine ChyeRaine Chye
12:05 30 Sep 23
Steamboat is a must try with plenty of seafood, fish, prawn, abalone etc. Love the soup which is super savoury.The peking duck is already wrapped when served. It has a crisp biscuit inside and I personally don’t like the raw onion which is too strong.Rest of the dishes not too bad. Just that the ordering and serving speed too slow. Overall find the food pretty good.We are seated at the second floor which is enclosed with window sealed, therefore room is dim. As more customers arrived, the echo is amplified which makes surrounding rowdy.

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