Allauddin’s Briyani Little India Singapore

Allauddin's Briyani Pte Ltd Little India Singapore

Welcome to Allauddin’s Briyani Pte Ltd at 6665 Buffalo Rd, #01-232 & #01-229, Singapore 210665. We’re in the lively Little India, known for its rich culture and diverse flavors. Allauddin’s Briyani is the spot for those who love real Indian food in this neighborhood. The tasty dishes and aromatic spices are favorites for locals and tourists.

Explore their menu full of tasty options. From fragrant Basmati rice to spiced meats, each dish at Allauddin’s Briyani is a treat. Try their famous Chicken Biryani, tasty Lamb Kebabs, and delicious Vegetable Curry. All the details about Allauddin’s Briyani menu and dishes come from official sources, ensuring a genuine dining experience. 

Allauddin’s Briyani Little India Singapore

DishesPrice In SGD
Allauddin’s Chicken Briyani SetS$ 9.10
Allauddin’s Mutton Briyani SetS$ 9.10
Allauddin’s Chicken + Mutton Briyani Set Combo PackS$ 14.30
Allauddin’s Fish Briyani SetS$ 9.10
Allauddin’s Fried Chicken Briyani SetS$ 9.10
Allauddin’s Egg BriyaniS$ 5.90
Allauddin’s Fish BriyaniS$ 7.80
Allauddin’s Mutton BriyaniS$ 7.80
Allauddin’s Fried Chicken BriyaniS$ 7.80
Allauddin’s Chicken BriyaniS$ 7.80
Allauddin’s Chicken + Mutton Briyani Set With Desserts Combo PackS$ 16.30
ALLAUDDIN’S Fish Briyani Set with DessertsS$ 11.00

Final Word

Allauddin’s Briyani Pte Ltd is in Little India, Singapore, at 6665 Buffalo Rd, #01-232 & #01-229, 210665. Enjoy yummy Indian flavors with fragrant Basmati rice and tasty meats on the menu. Don’t miss the Allauddin’s Mutton Briyani Set – a tasty journey in Little India. The restaurant keeps it real, with a sourced menu, making dining a joy in Singapore’s cultural hub.

Frequently Asked Question(FAQs)

We’re open from 08:00 AM to 08:00 PM every day. Check the website for holiday hours.

 Yes, They offer tasty vegetarian dishes like Vegetable Curry and Biryani.

   They usually welcome walk-ins, but it’s a good idea to reserve for larger groups. Call or visit their website for reservations.

Allauddin’s Briyani Little India Location and Opening Hour

Location: 6665 Buffalo Rd, #01-232 & #01-229, 210665

Opening Hour: 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Allauddin’s Briyani Review

Mohamed Kashim KashMohamed Kashim Kash
04:56 17 May 24
Mezanur MezanMezanur Mezan
07:16 15 May 24
Baskaran GanesanBaskaran Ganesan
09:20 05 May 24
00:32 14 Apr 24
Natanael EliaNatanael Elia
13:44 07 Apr 24
This biryani restaurant offers excellent value for money with affordable prices. Their Chicken Biryani set is authentically delicious, and the Roti Prata is a delightful addition to the meal.
Soumia VellankiSoumia Vellanki
11:55 02 Mar 24
I ordered a helping of Chicken Biryani, and not only was it yummy yummy yummy in my tummy tummy tummy… the man behind the counter just. Kept. On. Scooping. A delightfully plentiful serving to keep me happy and healthy😋🍽️
Harjinder SinghHarjinder Singh
05:50 29 Feb 24
This eatery I use to eat alot when the original chef was cooking back in the days in Tekka market. After he passed on the standards dipped so much.... Worse still after this they went on to open so many outlets all over Spore. Today I tried the Redhill market mutton Briyani.... Omg.... The mutton hard as a stone, with plastic fork and spoon.... What on earth! Where are the Briyani standards? Alauddin standards is not even in the mention now... Just a simple good Briyani can do... It is horrible.... Should just retire and close down.... Don't cheat people based on past glory when you have lost the plot already
Frank PuaFrank Pua
11:57 01 Nov 23
Super impressed by the mutton biryani; meat is nice and tender with aromatic rice. For the price you're paying (7sgd), it is filling and fantastic
Doreen LuahDoreen Luah
13:23 27 Oct 23
First visit to Tekka Centre after renovation this morning, ordered one Cheese Onion Prata and one Kosong Prata that comes with chicken curry. It was really good and it tastes nice even without dipping in the curry gravy.Total cost is only $3.70 which is quite okay.Will return to this stall to try their briyani one day for lunch.
Mighty FoodieMighty Foodie
01:43 12 Feb 23
Sudden crave for Biryani, and I always think of Allauddin's Briyani at Tekka Market. Used to have this almost every week when I work in this area 20 years ago.My usual order is their Chicken Biryani Set ($7.00), which include Egg and Papadom. Standard has dropped but still good lah.Location: Allauddin's Briyani Pte Ltd, 6665 Buffalo Rd, #01-232 & #01-229, Singapore 210665

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