Sri Aachi Aappakadai little India Singapore

Sri Aachi Aappakadai Little India Singapore

Hello to Sri Aachi Aappakadai. It’s a nice place in Little India, Singapore, found at 45 Chander Rd. People who enjoy South Indian food really like coming here. It’s close to famous spots like Mustafa Centre and Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple.

Sri Aachi Aappakadai is like a delicious journey for your taste buds. They serve yummy dishes like crispy Masala Dosa, tasty Biryani, and awesome Mutton Chukka. Everything is made with real South Indian spices. Don’t worry the menu details come from official sources, so you’ll get the real and tasty flavors at Sri Aachi Aappakadai.

Sri Aachi Aappakadai Little India Singapore

Final Words

Come to Sri Aachi Aappakadai at 45 Chander Rd in Little India, Singapore. It’s a cozy place for people who love South Indian food. Try yummy dishes like Masala Dosa, Biryani, and Mutton Chukka they’re full of real flavors. The menu details come from official sources, so you know it’s the real deal. A great choice is the Cheese Dosai a delicious treat. Come eat and enjoy South Indian flavors in Singapore.

Frequently Asked Question(FAQs)

   Sri Aachi Aappakadai serves delicious South Indian food. You can try dishes like Masala Dosa, Biryani, and Mutton Chukka.

   Sri Aachi Aappakadai is located at 45 Chander Rd in Little India, Singapore. It’s easy to find.

   Yes, the menu at Sri Aachi Aappakadai is authentic. All the menu details come from official sources. You’ll taste the real flavors of South India.

Sri Aachi Aappakadai Little India Location and Opening Hour

Location: 45 Chander Rd in Little India, Singapore

Sri Aachi Aappakadai Review

Sri Aachi Aappakadai
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The appam was really really nice, soft in the middle and crispy on the sides. We also asked the cook to make us Sri Lankan style appam with the coconut milk in the centre. The dosas were nice and crispy and the dhal and chutneys were also delicious. We tried the chicken varuval and the mutton which was also good.
01:52 22 Oct 23
I would say upfront that the food is still ok. However, 3 things made it such a horrible experience.Firstly, the poori served by the cashier is crushed on top of one another, even the top one is crushed. Is it normal? Ok, I accept, since it would go into my stomach crushed too. I would have preferred one nice poori for photography, as the adjacent competitor stall was having many perfect dome shaped poori.Secondly, I ordered 1 chocolate appam set together. The cashier acknowledged and repeated back 1 set. When ready, he gave me 2 sets, and he insisted I ordered 2 sets. Ok, fine since the appams have been prepared, I took it without arguing further. Maybe there was miscommunication.Thirdly, this is the last thing that shows there is something wrong on the other side. After giving the cashier a ten dollar note for the poori set and appam set, he put the ten dollar in one hand, while getting the money from the other customer. Next I gave him the 2nd piece of ten dollar note, due to the "extra" chocolate appam order. Now he claims I have only given him 1 ten dollar note. At this time, someone behind me (presumably his co worker) muttered something to him, and he unwillingly gave me the change.Please do not serve 2 customers at a time, if multi-task is not a strength. Or at least write down the order on a piece of paper.Advise the owner to do something about this especially in a touristy region.
04:53 01 Sep 23
Really enjoyed our experience.Once we got a table fairly quickly we were served quickly. We tried recommended dishes from travel vlogs. We tried Idilis , masala dosa and my highlight was the Appam with egg. The ice coffee was amazing too.Very affordable and extremely tasty!
Mun ChongMun Chong
13:27 23 Jun 23
Pepper chicken, podi thosai and chicken masala thosaiWhile waiting for these to be cooked, I got myself mini podi idly, vadai and puranpoliChutney and sambar were self-serveLoved all the food itemsWould have enjoyed the vadai more if I could have remembered to ask for curd to go with it, or maybe rasam, or even sweet chutney but I was hungry and they tasted great with the house chutneys and the sambarI liked their recommended chicken masala thosai so much that I ordered one to go
Prab KaurPrab Kaur
15:40 19 Jun 23
Quick bite the service was so fast we woke up at 6 and we were hungry we just walked from our hotel and this place was open. The people that were working there were really nice and welcoming. We had idli, rava dosa with varieties of chutneys. The only thing you will notice is that you won’t get any spoons, forks the expectation is to wash your hands in a sink before eating and use your hands to eat.

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