Alankar Restaurant Little India Singapore

Alankar Restaurant Little India Singapore

Welcome to Alankar Restaurant! You’ll find us at 98 Dunlop Street in Little India, Singapore. We’re the go-to spot for food lovers, offering a mix of North and South Indian dishes.

Check out our menu with favorites like Chicken Biryani, Butter Chicken, and Masala Dosa. We get Alankar Restaurant info from official sources, so it’s real. Enjoy tasty Indian flavors in our comfy setting.

Alankar Restaurant Menu and Price

Final Words

Alankar Restaurant is at 98 Dunlop Street in Little India Singapore. It’s where you find genuine Indian food. Try favorites like Chicken Biryani, Butter Chicken, and Masala Dosa. We get info from reliable sources. Don’t miss the tasty Mutton Fry a top pick for true Indian flavor. Enjoy the real taste of India at Alankar Restaurant.

Frequently Asked Question(FAQs)

It serves Indian food.

   It’s suggested for a smooth dining.

   Yes, tasty veg dishes are available.

Alankar Restaurant Littile India Location and Opening Hour

Location: 98 Dunlop St, #209417 98, Singapore 209418

Opening Hour: Monday to Sunday (10:30 AM to 10:30 PM )

Alankar Restaurant Review

Alankar Restaurant
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ram ramram ram
09:50 10 Mar 24
Food is great but atmosphere is bad. Not always suitable for a family dining experience. Fishes need to clean better.prefer take aways. Potential to go big if make changes to service and atmosphere.
Mohammed Afzal SheriffMohammed Afzal Sheriff
16:46 19 Feb 24
Authentic Kerala style dishes with budget friendly prices
Nishaanthini MuruganNishaanthini Murugan
03:58 10 Nov 23
9/10…The food were really damn delicious…Must try is the dragon chicken.Price is reasonable and worth every penny. The service can be improved by attending the customers promptly.
Jobin MathewJobin Mathew
07:41 05 Nov 23
The food is okay, not bad, and worth the money, I would say. However, I was really disappointed with the staff's attitudes. The staff told me that I needed to wait for a Kerala meal parcel on a busy Sunday, while they were simultaneously making many biryani and other cuisine parcels. I completely understand the situation when it's busy, but the way of communication was not great. The staff should learn how to speak nicely to customers. Remember, there are 6 other days apart from Sunday. 😉
23:58 17 Aug 23
Good Kerala food in Singapore. Chattichoru, Kappa and meen curry, nool porotta, fish pollichathu and many more items to choose from. It can be difficult to find parking space in peak hours, few mins walk from mustafa shopping centre

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