Kolkata Beckons little India Singapore

Kolkata Beckons Little India Singapore

Welcome to “Kolkata Beckons” at 52 Race Course Rd, Singapore 218563. It’s a restaurant with tasty food from Kolkata, a city in India. The place is like a little piece of Kolkata in Singapore. If you like yummy Indian food, you’ll love it here.

The menu has special dishes from Kolkata. Try the Kolkata Biryani, which is tasty rice with meat and spices. There’s also Chicken Korma, a creamy curry, and Kathi Rolls, a yummy street food. All the information is from official sources, so you can trust that the food is real and delicious. Come join us at Kolkata Beckons for a fun food adventure in Little India, Singapore.

Kolkata Beckons little India Singapore

Kolkata Beckons Special Combos

DishesPrice in SGD
Khichuri Bhog Labra Set – Veg42.69
Muton Biryani Chicken Chaamp Combo42.69
Bengali Bhoj Vegetarian Menu42.69
Bengali Bhoj Non Veg48.04

Festive Gifts

DishesPrice in SGD
Bakes of Bengal49.11
Narkeler Nadu Festive Sweets Box27.71
Darjeeling Tea64.20

Kolkata’s Chop Cutlets

DishesPrice in SGD
Firingi Fish Chop – 2 pcs15.94
Chhana Koraishutir Chop- 2 pcs12.73
Vegetable Chop (Beetroot Delicacy). – 2 pcs11.66
Shingara – Bengali Samosa -2 pcs8.45
Platter- Veg Bengal Starters27.71
Mochar chop (Banana Flower Veg) – 2 pcs12.73
Mangsher Chop (Mutton) – 2 pcs$15.94
Kolkata Fish Fry -2 pcs$17.01
Chingri Chop (Prawn) – 2 pcs$18.08
Platter- Non Veg Bengal Starters$45.90
Chicken Cutlet -2 pcs15.94

Kolkata’s Tikka Rolls

DishesPrice in SGD
Chicken Tikka Kabab18.08
Paneer Tikka Kabab18.08
Hara Bhara Kabab (Veg)17.01
Kolkata Roll-Egg Paneer Tikka15.94
Kolkata Roll -Paneer Tikka14.87
Kolkata Roll- Double Egg12.73
Kolkata Roll -Chicken Tikka13.80
Kolkata Roll -Egg Chicken Tikka14.87
Kolkata Roll- Mutton Tikka14.87
Kolkata Roll – Egg Mutton Tikka15.94

Kolkata Beckons Biryani

DishesPrice in SGD
Echorer Special Biryani (Green Jackfruit Balls)20.22
Paneer Cauliflower Biryani19.15
Kolkata Chicken Biryani (Boneless)19.15
Kolkata Chicken Biryani (Bone)19.15
Kolkata`s Mutton Biryani20.22

Breads of Bengal

DishesPrice in SGD
Herbal Kulcha5.24
Bread Basket25.57
White Bhature 2 pcs8.45
Moglai Paratha W Chicken Keema18.08
Plain Kulcha4.17
Luchi – 2 pcs6.31
Peas Kochuri – 2 pcs8.45
Radha Ballabhi – 2 pcs8.45
Moglai Paratha W Mutton Keema18.08

Kolkata Beckons Rice Specials

DishesPrice in SGD
Pindi Chole Bhature22.36
Kanchkolar Kopta Curry (Green Banana Balls)18.08
Dhokar Dalna (Lentil Cakes in Curry)17.01
Begun Basanti ( Brinjal in Mustard)15.94
Paneer Tadka Dal ( Kolkata Style)18.08
Daab Paneer Malai Curry22.36
Malai Paneer Dalna18.08
Pindi Chole18.08
Chanar Paturi (Fresh Cottage Cheese)- 2 pcs18.08
Begun Bhaja (Brinjal Fried in Mustard Oil)13.80
Alu Jhuri Bhaja (Potato Crisp)10.59
Aloor Dum Spicy (Tangy Baked Potato Masala)14.87
Cholar Dal Narkel Diye (Bengal Gram)14.87
Koraishuti`r Bhaja Mug Dal (Moong Dal, Peas)14.87
Alu Ful Kopir Dalna (Cauliflower, Peas)17.01
Shukto (Green Banana Delicacy)17.01
Chanar Dalna (Fresh Cottage Cheese)17.01
Labra (Pumpkin with Black peas)17.01
Fulkopir Roast Biye bari Style (Roast Cauliflower)19.15

Entre ( Mains Non Veg)

DishesPrice in SGD
Daab Chingri Shorshey – Spicy23.43
Doi Maach (Rohu Fish)19.15
Bengal’s Pride Shorshey Ilish26.64
Kosha Mangsho (Mutton Pot Roast)22.36
Steam fish in Mustard20.22
Fish Kofta Curry20.22
Chicken Kosha (Pot Roast)18.08
Pabda Macher Shorshey Jhal20.22
Rui Maacher Jhol18.08
KB Special Butter Paneer19.15
Bhapa Chingri (Prawns in Mustard)20.22
Rui Maacher Kalia18.08
KB Special Butter Chicken19.15
Boneless Fish Kalia20.22
Fish Paturi21.29
Chicken Bharta (Non Spicy)19.15
Chicken Dak Bangla18.08
Chingri Macher Malai Curry23.43
Chicken Tadka Dal ( Kolkata Style)18.08
Daab Chingri Malai Curry23.43
Murgir Daab Jhal23.43
KB Special Daab Chingri Jumbo Prawns26.64
Daab Chingri Malai Curry (Prawns in Coconut)25.57
Doi Maach Boneless (Yoghurt Fish Curry)19.15
Dimer Kalia (Boiled Egg Poached In Masala)17.01

Bengali Desserts

DishesPrice in SGD
Housespecial Roshogolla8.45
Baked Cham Cham10.59
Ledi Kenni Lengcha9.52
Baked Roshogolla10.59
kalo Jamun10.59
Baked Sondesh10.59
Mishti Doi8.45
Patishapta with Kheer13.80
Chennar Sondesh9.52

Kolkata Beckons Bengali Chutneys

DishesPrice in SGD
Mango Mustard Chutney10.59
Anarosher Chutney (Pineapple Cashew)9.52
Tomato Khejur (Dates) Chutney9.52

Fresh Blends

DishesPrice in SGD
Alphonso Mango Lassi7.38
Aaam Poda Shorbot8.45
Sweet Lassi6.31
Chaanch (Masala Smoothie)6.31
Soft Drinks ( Canned) Thums Up4.17
Soft Drinks ( Canned) Coke4.17
Soft Drinks ( Canned) Sprite4.17
Soft Drinks ( Canned) Ice Lemon Tea4.17

Salad Raita and Pickles

DishesPrice in SGD
Onion Cucumber and Tomatoes8.45
Raita (Tangy Yoghurt dip) Small Portion (app 120 gm)5.24
Salad – Sliced Onion Cucumber8.45
Raita (Tangy Yoghurt dip) Big Portion (250 gm)8.45

Final Words

“Kolkata Beckons” is a yummy Indian restaurant in Singapore. It’s in Little India and has tasty Kolkata street food. Try Kolkata Biryani, Chicken Korma, and Kathi Rolls. Don’t miss Kolkata Fish Fry it’s crispy and tasty. You can trust the info. Join us at Kolkata Beckons in Singapore for a yummy adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

   Kolkata Beckons has tasty Indian food like street snacks and curries. You can enjoy dishes such as Kolkata Biryani, Chicken Korma, and Kathi Rolls.

   Kolkata Beckons is at 52 Race Course Rd, Singapore 218563. It’s in Little India, a cool part of Singapore known for its diverse culture and yummy food.

   Yes, many people love Kolkata Fish Fry at Kolkata Beckons. It’s crispy and yummy, showing off Kolkata’s awesome seafood. Don’t forget to try it when you go.

Kolkata Beckons Little India Singapore Location

Location: 52 Race Course Rd, Singapore 218563

Kolkata Beckons Review

Kolkata Beckons
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prateek bansalprateek bansal
23:25 13 Mar 24
Excellent authentic Bengali food. Great service. Reasonable price.
Ju AmirJu Amir
12:06 11 Mar 24
It was my first experience eating authentic Bengal food (we were invited by a friend). It was truly a gastronomic delight!The food was prepared extremely well. We learnt that fried food is a staple in Bengal cuisine and everything was fried to perfection.The different gravies were cooked exceedingly well. The fish was fresh, the vegetables were sautéed well. Those fried shredded potatoes were addictive.Many thanks to Anjuli for taking care of us! She was always checking in to make sure we were comfortable with the food. (The beetroot starter was too spicy for our tastebuds!)
Sairam SubramanianSairam Subramanian
06:34 10 Mar 24
Mixed bag, would give this a 3.5.. Ordered Beetroot chop, Aam Kasundi paneer, full kopi roast and Stuffed poori and Naan. And baked Sandesh for dessert.Aam kasundi paneer was very heavy on mustard. Gobhi sabzi was very good on the other hand. Unique gravy, reminded me of my Kolkata days..Beetroot chop was average though it was very crispy..Stuffed poori exceeded expectations, crispy and lot of flavor..Baked Sandesh was below average. Felt like it was refrigerated and they just gave it cold.. Have had a lot better in India..Service was quite slow even though we were the only ones.. waiters knowledge of food and the way she explained the dishes was good..So overall Worth a visit.
Florian HFlorian H
11:18 23 Jan 24
We have been eating here today and it was delicious 🤤 we had some vegetarian starters that really surprised us in a positive way! For the main corse we followed the recommendation of Jeanie the waitress again and chose the meal that was backed in a whole coconut 🥥 it was delikat as the whole meal. 🥘
Home made Indian food and I can ensure that the food were original for India country. Furthermore, waiters were very kind. They recommended us best dishes to order

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