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Bahubali Little India

Welcome to Bahubali Restaurant Little India Singapore. We’re so happy to have you at this place on 3 Norris Rd, Singapore 208248. Bahubali Restaurant is the best spot for people who love tasty food. It’s right in Little India, where the streets are lively, and there are famous places around. Bahubali Restaurant makes yummy dishes that match the fun vibes of Little India. Whether walking around or visiting cool places nearby, Bahubali Restaurant is perfect for a tasty adventure.

Now, let’s talk about the yummy menu at Bahubali Restaurant. There’s something for everyone, from famous dishes to all the different things we offer. You can also check out Bahubali Restaurant SG for a fantastic experience. All the info about Bahubali Restaurant, like the menu, comes from the right places. Enjoy the delicious flavors at Bahubali Restaurant, where each bite is like a tasty story of tradition.

Bahubali Restaurant Menu

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Bahubali Restaurant at 3 Norris Rd, Singapore 208248, is a yummy place in lively Little India. They make tasty food that matches the fun vibes around. One must try dish is the delicious Rava Dosai, a favorite that’s full of tradition. Also, their Mutton Meals are delicious and should be noticed. Enjoy the yummy journey at Bahubali Restaurant, where each bite is like a tasty story of good food.

Frequently Asked Question(FAQs)

Yes, Bahubali Restaurant is halal in Singapore as they serve halal menu items.

Bahubali Restaurant has one restaurant in Singapore, located on 3 Norris Rd, Singapore 208248.

The Bahubali Restaurant at 3 Norris Rd operates from 6:00 AM to 10:30 PM (Monday-Sunday).

Bahubali Restaurant Little India Location and Opening Hour

Bahubali Restaurant Review

Baskaran GanesanBaskaran Ganesan
11:22 07 Mar 24
02:23 10 Feb 24
Ranbir SinghRanbir Singh
00:00 09 Feb 24
16:23 06 Nov 23
Best Indian Tea (Chai) in Singapore.
Vinothbabu BaskaranVinothbabu Baskaran
05:29 04 Nov 23
Yuna BaiYuna Bai
08:44 15 Feb 23
I like Briyani, I went with Indian friend to Bahubali last week. The mutton briyani is very nice! Price is good as well, the boss is kind to keep the good price. I love it😋
Sudhakar SundaramSudhakar Sundaram
01:16 07 Nov 22
Nice .. cheap food... The quality is good .. I prefer take away.. since the atmosphere.. they need to improve the packaging.You can get everything.. tea, coffee, vada ,+++++ all kinds of food.. I have not tasted briyani..
Prema Stephanie RaoPrema Stephanie Rao
13:01 28 Jan 22
I wldnt call this a place a restaurant 😊. Perhaps...a food corner/joint . It definitely serves really gd food & awesome masala tea. From its briyani rice to its vadehs. Excellent & at such affordable prices. Tasty definitely. The staff are pleasant. Cleanliness 6/10. If you wana a quick bite or take away. This is a gd joint. Dont leave without getting or drinking its tea. Definitely not a place for hanging out to eat. But worth the money & quality & variety of indian spread for a take away & a quick bite😉. No regrets😛👍
Matthew ChiaMatthew Chia
07:37 22 Mar 21
Went there for a mini snack on a weekday around 6pm a few others. Cleaniness is quite fine for the shop, acceptable for me. The shop usually have a queue and it will take some time to order your food and drinks. Ate a triangle thing with potato in it, a plate of brown sweet millet and a cup of 50 cents masala tea.The triangle thing is very nice. The outer crust is a bit crispy. The potato filling is good alsoThe masala tea is amazing, did not expect the place to sell masala teaFor the brown millet, I don't actually like it but I guess it was my first time trying it. My friend was telling me it is some tea meal that is easily digestibleOverall, the place in a really ulu part of little india. I would come again to try the briyani that my friend recommended me

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