Spice Junction Little India Singapore

Spice Junction Little India

Welcome to Spice Junction Little India Singapore. We’re happy to have you at 126 Race Course Rd, Singapore 218585. Spice Junction is the best spot for people who love tasty food. It’s right in Little India, where the streets are lively, and there are famous places around. Spice Junction makes yummy dishes that match the fun vibes of Little India. Whether exploring the streets or visiting cool places nearby, Spice Junction is perfect for a tasty adventure.

Now, let’s talk about the yummy menu at Spice Junction. There’s something for everyone, from their famous dishes to all the different things we offer. You can also check Spice Junction Restaurant in Singapore for a fantastic experience. All the info about Spice Junction, like the menu and what people say about us, comes from the right places. Enjoy the delicious flavors at Spice Junction, where each bite is like a tasty story of tradition.

Spice Junction Menu

Spice Junction

Frequently Asked Question(FAQs)

Yes, Spice Junction restaurant is halal in Singapore as they serve halal menu items.

Spice Junction has one restaurant in Singapore, located on 126 Race Course Rd, Singapore 218585.

The Spice Junction restaurant at 126 Race Course Rd operates from 11:30 AM to 3 PM, 6 to 10 PM (Monday-Sunday).

Final Word

Spice Junction is a great place in Little India at 126 Race Course Rd, Singapore 218585. It’s fantastic for people who love tasty food. They make yummy dishes that match the fun vibes of Little India. You should try their Mutton Coconut Fry and Thalassery Biryani Fish. They’re super tasty. Every bite at Spice Junction is like a delicious story of tradition, making it the perfect spot for yummy food adventures.

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Spice Junction Review

Spice Junction
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Libin VargheseLibin Varghese
08:24 16 Mar 24
Amazing food !! We are a regular at this restaurant now and highly recommend the Thalessary Mutton Biryani. The flavours and quality of food services is very authentic and good. Mutton Peraval with Kerala parotta is too good. We also tried Todduy which is served in earthern pot; kind of gives you the feel of sitting in Kerala while sipping on it. The service is good and very friendly staff and owner. Great food keep it up !!
Pavala R VeluPavala R Velu
01:55 12 Mar 24
Have been here 4 times in a month. Celebrated 3 birthdays. Food was great. Compliments to the chefs. On my last visit service led by Akil/Ahil was very accomodating and friendly.Thank you for enjoyable times.
Amit RayAmit Ray
02:02 05 Mar 24
Excellent fusion of South & North! Great service
Santhimathi RajaramSanthimathi Rajaram
05:53 01 Mar 24
Was delighted to learn they serve Special Onam Sadhya every Friday for lunch..Was not disappointed one bit as the food was divine, that I flew a kiss to the chef!5 stars because there were only 5.. I'd give them more if there was a option.Definitely going back for more soon!
Rony AbrahamRony Abraham
04:04 19 Feb 24
good one
Anupama BabuAnupama Babu
08:00 11 Jan 24
I ordered (fish-chatti choru)_ a specialKerala's culinary scene.Overall, it's good. 👍 7.5/10
Evangeline DanielEvangeline Daniel
00:43 25 Oct 23
This place is special in its way of treating your taste buds with the kerala food in Singapore. The service is good, and the ambiance gives you the picture of the land Kerala.
Shobhit AgrawalShobhit Agrawal
14:19 27 Aug 23
Went for Onam Sadhya.. all the items served were cold and tasted like cooked in the morning and served for dinner. Taste was also bland and not worth Sadhya. Nothing special in the “Sadhya” served and definitely not worth $24!Better have Andhra meal at any restaurant, its better taste and value for money.
Cad KohCad Koh
10:48 13 Aug 23
As a Chinese Singaporean, I found the dinner to be extremely delectable. Parking can be done nearby in parallel to those shophouses. It was my first time having a South Indian cuisine, I really have no idea what to order so I kindly requested for recommendations and everything was pleasing to my taste bud. The person who took my order yesterday was really patient as well.Giving my layman description, I’ve ordered meen pollichathu (Marinated spicy boneless fish wrapped in banana leaf), gobi manchurian (fried cauliflower sauteed with special sauce), kozhi porichathu (fried chicken marinated with various spices), porata (its like local roti prata but less oily), fish curry with mango, malabar mutton biriyani, mango lassi (yoghurt drink) and lemon soda. My favourite got to be the gobi manchurian as I have never tasted cauliflower done like this before. Biriyani portion was great for 2 pax sharing or for 1 hungry person, the mutton was yummy as well. Meen Pollichathu needs no explanation as it is one of their best seller and portion is reasonable for their price. The kozhi porchathu was probably my least fav as the chicken felt like its double fried since its a little hard, otherwise the taste is really good. Food were all served within 15mins upon ordering and the temperature was hot (everything is made fresh). Total bill came out to be around ~$87 for 2. I personally think its reasonable as I was extremely full by the end of the dinner and have no stomach for dessert haha.Would definitely being my Kerala colleagues to try their dishes one day.

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