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Welcome to Mother’s Restaurant at 49 Upper Weld Rd, Singapore 207406, in Little India. It’s the best spot for tasty food! With famous places like Mustafa Centre nearby, Mother’s Restaurant is special in Little India.

Our menu has yummy dishes from India. Each dish, like biryanis and butter chicken, is full of real flavors. Mother’s Restaurant is where you can taste the true spirit of Little India’s food.

Mother’s Restaurant Little India Singapore Menu

Final Word

Taste Little India at Mother’s Restaurant, 49 Upper Weld Rd, Singapore 207406. A fave for food lovers, it’s in Little India, near cool places like Mustafa Centre. Our menu has yummy Indian dishes like biryanis and butter chicken – all real and official. Mother’s Restaurant is where you get true Little India flavors. Don’t miss our fave – try the tasty Butter Chicken! Join us for a yummy journey into Indian food!

Frequently Asked Question(FAQs)

 It’s at 49 Upper Weld Rd, Singapore 207406, in Little India.

Mother’s Restaurant serves authentic Indian dishes like biryanis and butter chicken.

Yes, all Mother’s Restaurant dishes are made with authentic recipes, giving you a true taste of Little India.

Mother’s Little India Location and Opening Hour

Location: 49 Upper Weld Rd, Singapore 207406

Mother’s Restaurant Review

Santhi Vilas Restaurant
Based on 1091 reviews
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Deeshetty RaghunandanDeeshetty Raghunandan
14:00 17 Mar 24
Good restaurant with variety of veg meals it's famous for tiffins in the morning & evening in one word its all vegetarian vegan people will love it!!🍃🌱🎉
Martina PapettiMartina Papetti
17:24 13 Mar 24
Entirely vegetarian cuisine.We took two uttapams, three snacks and a sweet (oat rasawi, recommended by the very kind girl to whom we asked so many questions) spending a total of 10 dollars.Water is made available free of charge in a jug.Excellent value for money.Furthermore, the staff explained and helped us choose the dishes (thanks for your patience).If I ever return to Singapore, I will stop to eat at your place again.
Senthil MaranSenthil Maran
13:04 24 Feb 24
Great for your no-frills, South indian Vegetarian Rice meal. Served on banana leaf.
Chandresh TrivediChandresh Trivedi
03:55 22 Feb 24
Nelson NelsonNelson Nelson
14:37 20 Feb 24
Matthias ChuaMatthias Chua
10:06 30 Nov 23
Price: $1.80 (Plain Thosai)Plain Thosai: 4.5/5Thosai was crispy, savoury and had a good sour taste.Sambar: 4/5Sambar was savoury, sweet and had a prominent lentil taste.Chutney: 4.5/5Orange chutney was oniony, sweet, tangy and spicy. White chutney was coconuty and thick.Total score: 13/15I had wanted to eat my thosai at the restaurant as a dine in but I unknowingly queued at the takeaway queue. The takeaway queue moved fast and people quickly got their order. I ended up still eating my thosai at the restaurant with my takeaway order.Pro-tip, find yourself a seat at the restaurant and order what you want from a member of the service team instead of queuing. The queue is solely for takeaways only.Also come prepared to eat with your hands as no utensils will be provided.Overall, the best $1.80 I had ever spent on a thosai and I am certain it would have tasted better if I had the thosai dining in.
10:02 27 Nov 23
It was a first for me@Santhi Vilas having a banana leaf meal. Three types of vegetables, sambar, cucumber raita, some pickle, few pieces of appalam, payasam, a mountain high rice splashed with mashed dhall. You can summon the guys for rasam, mor kulambu or vathal/puli curry after sambar. The bargaining chip was the unbelievable pricing of the meal ...S$6 you know🙃. Six dollars in 2023. For food that tasted like my mother's cooking. Finger licking good😋. Eating is believing folks!
Sarvesh AgrawalSarvesh Agrawal
16:25 02 Apr 23
One of the few Pure Vegetarian South Indian Thali restaurant in Little India. Very hygienic and friendly atmosphere. Taste just like the home. Must visit place. Serving thali only in the afternoon and rest of the items entire day.
Jim McKinleyJim McKinley
07:31 11 Mar 23
No nonsense, delicious, and less than $6! I didn't know what I was doing, but I was seated at a table and I agreed to eat what the other guy at the table was eating: the vegetarian lunch. It was absolutely delicious and surprisingly filling. They serve extra rice and curry if you're really hungry. Some of the guys there were doing that. I did also see a woman eating there.
Robert ZhengRobert Zheng
12:46 02 Oct 22
Worth Trying.I would definitely return for their food menu as it was packed at 11:30am Sunday. Cash. About 10 person deep line.Mango Lassi was fresh, tangy and sweet. Very balanced mango vs yogurt flavour. $3.Cash.

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