Al-Bismi Restaurant Little India Singapore

Al-Bismi Restaurant

Welcome to Al-Bismi Restaurant in Singapore, which is located at 41 Dickson Rd, Singapore 209513, right in Little India. This place is awesome for people who love yummy food. Al-Bismi is well-known for its friendly atmosphere and tasty Indian dishes. They prepare the best food, bringing all of Little India’s flavors straight to your table.

Now, let’s talk about the menu. It’s like a food adventure. They have delicious dishes like chicken biryani, butter chicken, and a special Tandoori platter full of tasty spices. We source all items on the menu directly from official channels to ensure authenticity. Al-Bismi Restaurant is all about giving you a real taste of Indian food in the heart of Singapore’s Little India. Come on over and join the delicious fun.

Al-Bismi Restaurant Menu and Price


DishesPrice in SGD
Goreng Kampong5.0
Goreng Seafood5.5
Goreng Thai seafood5.5
Sup/ Soup5.0


DishesPrice in SGD
Sardine Cheese6.0
Mutton Cheese6.0
Mutton/ Kambing5.5
Chicken/ Cheese6.0
Chicken/ Ayam5.0
Cheese Mushroom EGG5.0
Sardine Prata3.5
Kothu Prata Egg4.5
Kothu Prata Chicken5.5
Kothu Prata Mutton6.0
Strawberry Prata2.0
Chocolate Prata2.0
Coin Prata Mutton (5PCS)6.0
Coin Prata Chicken (5PCS)5.5
Ghee Prata2.5
Chilly Prata5.0
Tuna Prata6.0
Neslo Prata2.5
Fried Rice Kampung/ GorengAyam4.5
Milo Prata2.5
Butter Prata1.7
Onion Prata1.3
Mushroom Garlic2.5
Cheese Onion2.5
Cheese Garlic2.5
Ice Cream Prata5.0
Tissue Chocolate3.0
Tissue Prata Milk3.0
Tissue Prata2.8
Cheese Prata2.0
Garlic Prata2.0
Kaya Prata2.5
Chocklate Banana3.0
Cheese Chocklate3.0
Cheese Tomato3.0
Banana Prata2.0
Cheese Pineapple3.0
Cheese Banana3.0
Mushroom Prata2.0
Cheese Mushroom3.0
Cheese EGG2.5
Roti BOM2.0
Egg onion Parata1.8
Egg Parata1.5
Plain Parata1.0

Frequently Asked Question(FAQs)

Yes, Al-Bismi Restaurant is halal in Singapore, as they serve halal menu items.

Al-Bismi has one restaurant in Singapore, located at 41 Dickson Rd, Singapore 209513.

The Al-Bismi Restaurant at 41 Dickson Rd operates from 12:00 AM To 12:00 PM Monday To Sunday.

Final Word

Al-Bismi Restaurant in Singapore is a cool place for people who love yummy food. Located at 41 Dickson Road, Singapore. In Little India, they’re known for their friendly vibe and tasty Indian dishes. The menu has awesome items like chicken biryani and butter chicken that really give you a taste of India. It’s super tasty and shows off Al-Bismi’s great cooking skills. It’s like taking a yummy journey through the flavours of Little India.

Al-Bismi Little India Location and Opening Hour

Al-Bismi Restaurant Review

Al-Bismi Restaurant
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Bad LunchVery bad lunch. No tasty and not cooked well. Bought lunch and the rice not cooked well. Fish curry, Rasam not good and tasty.
Rajesh MRajesh M
08:25 12 Mar 24
Today I bought lunch full fish gravy meals .. very very worst taste and also rice not cooked properly
luisa bellòluisa bellò
01:37 11 Mar 24
We have been in Little India for 3 days and are going to Al Bismi for dinner every night!!!! Excellent food,tanduri,masala,byriani.samosaAll different dishes, plentiful, tasty. Fast service and friendly staff!Excellent price/quality!! We spend about 15 dollars each but we eat a lot:Samosa, Byriani with mutton, masala with mutton, lentil soup, nan 4 pieces, water. We'll be back tonight.
Fajar YuhadianFajar Yuhadian
04:50 09 Mar 24
Tastes good, can adapt with my personal taste and the portion is kinda crazy for me hahahah
Ashir GowardhanAshir Gowardhan
10:43 08 Mar 24
Open 24 hours, this place is budget friendly and has really nice multicuisine options.It was a lifesaver since hardly anything else was open at 2am.
Giovani CaesariaGiovani Caesaria
06:16 04 Feb 24
Big portion, cheap price, great service!The waiter that looks like luigi is really helpful 🫶🏻 give him a raise!
Fajar FajarFajar Fajar
14:48 28 Jan 24
Delicious, price wise, halal restaurant!24 hours service, i visit this resto after the coldplay concert and have a delicious maggi goreng in middle of night, convenient, good location.
Imroatul ArifahImroatul Arifah
10:04 01 Nov 23
Order 1 is enough for 3 persons. Taste is good, big portion too. Near our hostel.
Matthew ChanMatthew Chan
04:46 20 Oct 23
Al-Bismi is right across where I now worked. I usually tried their plain crispy prata for breakfast on Sundays before serving in church. Today, decided to try again their chicken tikka briyani. They did not disappoint as the food taste as good as it looks!The briyani bismatic rice is cooked lightly with spices without the heavy, oily fare that you get at the Tekka market stalls. The red fiery looking chicken tikka is nicely marinated and barbequed, yet remains tender. Kudos to the cooks, one of whom was seen observing me as I dug happily into the briyani! All these down with iced limau drink makes the meal complete
Adrina SimAdrina Sim
04:32 05 May 23
I had a training course nearby so I had my lunch here for 4 days. The food is great! I tried briyani on 2 days and the teh halia was good! Always had seats and the staff served quite fast!

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