Madras Woodlands Ganga little India Singapore

Madras Woodlands Ganga Little India Singapore

Welcome to Madras Woodlands Ganga in Little India, Singapore, on 1 Cuff Rd. This is a great place for people who love South Indian food. It has yummy dishes like Dosas and Biryani. The restaurant is in a lively area with a lot of energy. You can explore Little India’s streets and enjoy tasty food at Madras Woodlands Ganga.

The menu has real South Indian flavors. You should try the popular Dosa and Biryani. There’s also a tasty dish called Sambar Vada. it’s like a lentil donut in yummy soup. Each dish tells a story about South Indian cooking. And don’t worry, the information comes from official sources, so you know the food at Madras Woodlands Ganga is the real deal.

Madras Woodlands Ganga little India Singapore

Final words

In a culinary journey through the vibrant tapestry of South Indian cuisine, the article delves into the intricate flavours and cultural significance embedded within every dish. From the delicate intricacies of String Hoppers to the savoury delight of Rava Dosa and the comforting warmth of Peeri Bhaji, each bite carries the essence of tradition and innovation. With a rich array of spices, textures, and aromas, South Indian cuisine captivates the senses and nourishes the soul, embodying a harmonious blend of heritage and creativity. Among these delectable offerings, String Hoppers stand out as a favourite, their tender strands of rice flour steamed to perfection, offering a delicate canvas for the vibrant curries and chutneys that accompany them, inviting diners on a tantalizing gastronomic journey through the heart of South India.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

   Madras Woodlands Ganga has yummy South Indian food like Dosas and Biryani.

   It’s in Little India, Singapore, at 1 Cuff Rd. It’s a lively place.

   Yes, the food is real South Indian. The info is from official sources, so it’s genuine.

Madras Woodlands Ganga little India Singapore

Location: 1 Cuff Rd, Singapore 209712

Madras Woodlands Ganga Review

Madras Woodlands Ganga
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Soumia S PaiSoumia S Pai
13:49 23 Mar 24
Delicious food and very good service by staff. Very friendly atmosphere. Can try vegan items like mock meat etc along with good south Indian and North Indian dishes.
Ajay ParikhAjay Parikh
14:12 03 Mar 24
While I appreciate this is an all-veg restaurant, they have a confusing menu with no descriptions.Ended up settling for dosas when we probably were in the mood for something more unique.Pretty sad dosa for being a South Indian place in the Little India area of Singapore.Warning to tourists...they only accept local credit cards so you need to pay by cash.
Regu PillaiRegu Pillai
05:50 12 Feb 24
Love the service provided by Jamal. Definitely 5 star plus for his attentive services.I'm glad we had lunch here. Both our meals were served hot and less oily.
Philip Choo (PC)Philip Choo (PC)
13:57 28 Dec 23
Wow the food is delicious! The south Indian combo meal is great! The wholesome mix comes with soup and a drink.Tried the Ghee masala dosa for the first time and it was good. But we preferred the Indian combo more due to the great mix of dips it was very well cooked.😋Must try their masala tea! 😋
Jasmine AdamsJasmine Adams
22:47 15 Sep 23
Very average South Indian food in the most noisy setting.Food took a long time to come even though the restaurant was not busy when we arrivedThe standard was quite low. Dal was watery yet had a slimy texture especially when coolPuri was oily. Dosai was soggy.Had a noisy family next to us and the air-conditioning was so low .It was so warm inside

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