Premaas Cuisine Pte. Ltd Little India Singapore

Premaas Cuisine PTE LTD Little India Singapore

Welcome to Premaas Cuisine Pte. Ltd. in Little India, Singapore, at 6 Dalhousie Lane (Singapore 209675). It’s a great spot for food lovers, with a cozy vibe and real Indian food. Premaas Cuisine Pte. Ltd. dishes show off the yummy flavors of this old neighborhood.

Check out the menu a food adventure with biryanis, curries, and special dishes like Butter Chicken, Chicken Biryani, and Paneer Tikka. All the menu info is real from official sources so you’ll have a tasty time. Come hang out at Premaas Cuisine Pte. Ltd. for a real taste of Indian flavors in the heart of Little India.

Premaas Cuisine Pte. Ltd Menu and Price

Final Words

In brief choose Premaas Cuisine Pte. Ltd. in Little India, Singapore, for an authentic Indian food experience at 6 Dalhousie Lane. Relish dishes like Butter Chicken, Chicken Biryani, and Paneer Tikka from our genuine menu. Every bite takes you on a journey crafted with passion and real ingredients. Don’t overlook the mouthwatering Butter Chicken a top pick at Premaas Cuisine. Join  Premaas Cuisine to savor the taste of India in the heart of Little India.

Frequently Asked Question(FAQs)

   Premaas Cuisine Pte. Ltd. serves tasty Indian food in Little India, Singapore.

 Yes, the Premaas Cuisine Pte. Ltd.’s menu has yummy vegetarian choices like Paneer Tikka.

We get menu info from official sources, making sure each dish is made with genuine ingredients for an authentic Indian dining experience.

Premaas Cuisine Pte. Ltd Littile India Location and Opening Hour

Location: 6 Dalhousie Lane (Singapore 209675)

Opening Hour: Tuesday to Sunday (11:30 AM to 10:00 PM) Closed, Monday

Premaas Cuisine Pte. Ltd Review

Gibu MathewGibu Mathew
12:41 09 Mar 24
Authentic Kerala Indian food. More like a historical place. Very small for large groups.
Denis AngDenis Ang
09:40 09 Mar 24
I tried the mutton and beef briyani and the fried coconut mutton and beef with spicy sauce!Super yummy! Love the sides they offer too.
07:42 15 Jan 24
Landed up there on a friend's recommendation. Just sat there on the table and the waiters spent more time in the kitchen than waiting on tables. Water was served to my neighboring table in small Styrofoam glasses and they complained of something floating in their water. I just sat there breathing the dingy Ac air and waiting for someone to ask me whether i was there to eat or exist. The manager or owner meanwhile sat oblivious to all chatting on his phone outside the restaurant. Got up disgusted and left. Thankfully didn't try the food there.
Albert XanAlbert Xan
14:08 30 Dec 23
- Small restaurant located in one of the shophouses on the Little India District- One of the recommended dishes here is "Meen Polichath", a fish which is served with masala sauce (if I'm not mistaken). It is very savory and although a bit pricey, it was worth it.- The Chicken Curry is also quite delicous- The place is crowded and tight. All the tables were filled when I arrived at around 2 PM and there were a lot of people in such a confined space.- Would definitely go here again.
My visit to Premaas restaurant was a delightful experience. The Mutton Biriyani, Chicken Fried Rice, and Mutton Curry were incredibly delicious—the best biriyani I've had in Singapore so far! The prices were fair, and despite the cozy space with less room between tables, the outstanding food makes it totally worth it. Highly recommend for a tasty and affordable meal!

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