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Jaggi's Northern Indian Cuisine

Welcome to Jaggi’s Northern Indian Cuisine. It’s at 36 Race Course Rd, Singapore 218554, and we’re super happy to have all the food lovers. Jaggi’s is the best place for yummy food in Little India. It’s in the middle of all the colorful streets and famous spots. Whether walking around or visiting cool places nearby, Jaggi’s Northern Indian is the perfect spot for tasty food.

Now, let’s talk about the delicious menu at Jaggi’s. It’s a treat for your taste buds, from their famous dishes to all the different things they offer. The info about Jaggi’s and its menu is from official places, so you know it’s real. Enjoy the tasty flavors at Jaggi’s Northern Indian, where each bite is like a yummy story of tradition.

Frequently Asked Question(FAQs)

No, Jaggi’s Northern Indian Cuisine is not halal in Singapore as they serve haram menu items.

Jaggi’s Northern Indian Cuisine has one restaurant in Singapore, located on 36 Race Course Rd, Singapore 218554.

The Jaggi’s Northern Indian Cuisine at 36 Race Course Rd operates from 11:00 AM To 10:30 PM (Monday-Sunday).

Final Word

Jaggi’s Northern Indian is an excellent place for yummy food at 36 Race Course Rd, Singapore 218554. It’s in the middle of fun Little India, and they have the best Northern Indian dishes. You should try their Paneer Tikka and Jaggi’s Butter Chicken. They’re so delicious. Every bite at Jaggi’s is like a tasty story of tradition, making it a perfect spot for food lovers.

Jaggi’s Northern Indian Location and Opening Hour

Jaggi’s Northern Indian Review

Ada TamAda Tam
03:27 27 Mar 24
A casual self served restaurant with northern Indian cuisine. Fish tikka is a bit dry but tastes okay. I like the butter chicken, creamy and generous amount of chicken. Unfortunately they only have palak without cottage cheese, it's a bit blend without Paneer. Naan bread is quite decent but can be better. Food comes with reasonable price, but dinning environment is not very comfortable.
Michael SutejaMichael Suteja
17:45 23 Mar 24
Yu Quan YeoYu Quan Yeo
09:24 19 Mar 24
Jaggi's offers delicious North Indian cuisine. I had a selection of curries and sides, and every dish lived up to my expectations. The butter chicken and paneer were particularly outstanding, each bite bursting with authentic flavours that perfectly complemented the chapati and naan. To accompany the meal, I enjoyed a refreshing Mango Lassi, which provided a delightful contrast to the rich and spicy dishes.
Chandan Kumar BeheraChandan Kumar Behera
15:20 16 Mar 24
Best food quality in this budget.
Zy TanZy Tan
15:00 24 Feb 24
Very small portions and very salty sauces. I was disappointed by the standards here, since it looked good when i passed by it. Many better places around the area, would skip this. Dinner for 2 totaled to $50+.
Rachel LRachel L
02:31 09 Jan 24
The food is solid. But portions are tiny for the price. So despite how the restaurant looks, expect to pay around $20 per pax for naan, vege, curry, meat. But because the food was so good I would come back again.Bear in mind there is no label when you choose the food. So, do look at the menu board first to have an idea what you want.Liked the chicken tikka, saag. Garlic naan was nice, cheese naan was very very cheesy (and also double the price).
Arjun MohanArjun Mohan
08:35 07 Jan 24
A genuine favourite. An absolute must-go for me on my annual trips to Singapore (went twice on my most recent one!). Love it because you get the delicious taste of restaurant food yet the style of cooking + method of serving somehow really retains that “home-cooked” feeling.Their samosas are some of my favourite samosas out there (I’ve tried a lot of samosas and take this seriously lmao).
ng jiannanng jiannan
16:00 29 Dec 23
Great food at a great price. With food prices increasing its good to know that you can still get a good chicken tikka masala and chicken biryani at this price. Portions can easily fill 2 pax and definitely satisfy any cravings for indian cuisine that you might have. The place is clean, people are friendly and love that it has a hand washing station.
Srd G BainsSrd G Bains
00:47 26 Sep 23
Food is good quality is also just nice but felt little expensiveOne plate is $4Taste n quantity ok but for this price is too muchService is good but has to Que up for every order or first buy n pay n then eatVery fresh food n good hospitality not spicy.

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